Pastor Al & First Lady Camelia Currie

Al L. Currie, Sr. is an anointed vessel of God. He was born in Fayetteville, NC to Vice Bishop J.P.(decease) and Elder Mattie Currie. A Graduate of Pine Forest High School, Al admired growing up in a home, along with 11 other siblings, where the head of the house served the community as pastor, counselor and confidant. In the back of Al’s mind his inner voice assured him that he too would one day carry the gospel. Al said “yes” to God as his personal savior in Sept. 1992  he joined Evangelical House of God Spring Lake, NC under the leadership of  Apostles Juanita and Aaron Troy Jr.  Al began to grow in the Lord, and then in Nov.1996 he accepted his call, becoming Pastor Currie a couple of years later. God has anointed Pastor Currie to walk in the five fold ministry as well as minister the Word in song. Pastor Currie has ministered in North and South Carolina, California, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Florida. He attributes his success to God and his pastor. He believes, that Apostle Juanita Troy was a key factor to his ministry. Pastor  Currie says,” my parents laid the foundation, Apostle Troy built the building, now I believe that God will put His finishing touches on my ministry. My desire now is for people to learn God word in order for His purpose to be done in their lives, and to experience God’s power, presence, and anointing.”


First Lady Camelia Currie was born in Fort Bragg, NC to Otha Johnson and  Minster Brenda Stith (step-father Elder Bernard Stith), the middle child of three siblings, being a child of military parents First Lady Camelia is a well travel person with a vast of different cultures, a graduate of Baumholder American High School in Germany. Growing up she always knew that there was something special about her life; she believed that God had a purpose and a plan for her. First Lady Camelia would always hear her mother talk about the goodness of the Lord, this would encourage her to give her life to God in May of 1994 she began preaching in 1997. First Lady Camelia knew that God was a divine healer after having had many surgeries in her life from a little child unto adulthood, and God brought her through them all with good reports. This is why she always speak of God healing power wherever she goes, also praying for the sick that they may be healed. First Lady Camelia is a power speaker who will forever tell of God goodness, and praise his name. First Lady Camelia often say “when I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me, my soul cry out hallelujah, thank God for saving me. Prophetess Camelia favorite scripture is Philippians 4; 13. First Lady Camelia believes that God has called her and her husband in a time like this to carry His word to the broken spirit, and broken marriages. To let dying  women and men know that God has no respect of person; if He does it one, He will do it for another.