The Bible is full of declarations of God’s promises for those who are called by His name. His intentions are to give us a gift by fulfilling the plan He has scripted for our life. His oath to all believers is the Word of God which provides not only a anchor for our souls, but a written agreement/promise to each of us.

Paul was a favored man destined for greatness, and there were many accounts when his life and those around him were due expire, however it was important that Paul believed the promise that God spoke that he and those who were in the same situation would survive a terrible storm. All this was a part of God’s plan for Paul in order to meet his destiny to deliver a message to Caesar. Just like in the case of Paul, Satan brings trials – like failing health, or financial setbacks, in an effort to cripple our confidence in God. But in 2018 we must not allow doubt to prevail. For those who may be unaware…there are privileges that comes with being a child of the Most High, but you must have assurance in what God has spoken through his Son Jesus Christ, follow His laws and statues, and have faith to believe to see the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of Living.

The death of Jesus guaranteed all believers protection, hope, eternal security, counsel, and guidance. Remember that each of our lives has a plan that’s been customized for our walk, and that plan will continue until the perfect will of God takes place in our life. It is for this reason that when facing life’s storms, we must be courageous and bold, and “Cling to Everything in 2018” and believe in the promises of God.

Grace and Blessing


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